How to create an engaging Blog post

As a blogger, It’s important to add value to our content. A blog that is full of information is worth the time of our readers. These are the things we need to consider before creating our blog.

  1. Niche – As a blogger, we need to focus with only one or two niches. This is because our readers will use us as a reference for information. If we will consider creating two niches for our blog then these topics should be relevant to each other. For example, our 1st topic is cooking then our 2nd topic should be something that will support cooking like food, kitchen tips, buying our recipes, etc.
  2. Audience – Our readers are the most important part of blogging. We need to be updated with the latest trend so that our customers will also be updated with the information they need to know. A fresh blog will always win the heart of our readers. We also need to focus on where we should get our web traffic from because a good content will not be good if our readers cannot appreciate our content.
  3. Purpose – We also need to consider the difference between informative and purpose driven. Our blog should not only give information to our readers but should also be a blog that can meld them into a better person. Most of the bloggers provide tips and tricks which is sometimes a bit contradicting with what our readers know or want. Then what we need to do is support these tips and tricks with pros and cons. Supporting it with more knowledge can emphasize why our readers should know why our tips can help them with their everyday life.
  4. Layout – it is important because readers love an article that has a good text font, good images, white spaces, small paragraphs, and bold text that emphasizes keywords and bullet points. Readers are very selective with blog posts so we need to focus not only on our content but also with a good layout.
  5. Headline – it should be something that will get the readers attention. It should be something that will relate to the reader’s long list questions in mind.

On our next blogging tips, We will dig deeper with each number. Please follow my blog for more informative articles and share it with your friends.