How to be a successful businessman

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For a poor man, a rich man is lucky. For a rich man, a poor man is lazy. Yet, both shares one key thing in common, “LIFE”

We all know there is no elevator to success. There is no fire button to become a millionaire and no time-machine to go to the rich you. We all need to go thru the process. Employment will not let you become a millionaire, not unless you are one of the boards of directors. Even a managerial position will not let you earn a million within 5 years or more.

The fastest way to become a millionaire is to become a businessman. 2018-2019 is the year where you can start your own business without investing any capital. It is the time where all you need to invest is time, effort and patience. You need to be wise in selecting the right business. Once you find the right business for you then reinforce yourself with the tips below.

  1. Face reality, there is no work-life-balance! There is only work-life-choices. Everything has a consequence. If your earnings will still be more than five million even if you’ll not work within 5 years then that’s the time you can have an excuse.
  2. Eagles fly alone Successful businessman are dedicated to learning and to open opportunities. You don’t see them at the mall, concerts or parties.
  3. It’s bloody hard, failure is always a part of a success if you find obstacles and challenges during the process then you are on the right path. All you need to do is be strong and don’t force anything to happen. If you did not get it, then let it be. Find another way but make sure that the goal will never change.
  4. Burn your ships stay focus with one goal. Don’t let other opportunities take your attention. One of the biggest mistakes businessmen do is invest with too many businesses without maximizing the full potential of their main business.
  5. You can accomplish anything with sacrifice. We all know that the more time and effort we give to a business, the greater the reward we get.
  6. Don’t let your emotion kill you! Everyone will criticize you as you start your business. Everyone will not appreciate your effort. Even your family members will not believe nor appreciate your own product but you have to be strong. Prove everyone that they are wrong.
  7. Dress to kill Always dress up and show up. Whether it’s a small meeting or a small business presentation, always present the best you. Never cancel an appointment just because you’re lazy.
  8. Be selfish! life is a battle of survival. You don’t need to please anyone.
  9. Don’t read about taking actions! do it!
  10. Make yourself accountable If you feel that your boat is sinking then you need to save your ship. No one will help you only but you!
  11. You don’t have to be an alpha male Most high-performance businessmen today fall on the second end of the spectrum.
  12. Do whatever it takes! Focus and be the definition of success.
  13. Develop a system management and planning will be your main tool. Invest some of your time creating the best strategy and make it better every month.
  14. Find something you can’t live without You know you will never be called a king without a queen. 😉
  15. Be wise and careful about the mentor you pick Your mentor must have already obtained the level of success you wish to acquire. If they haven’t, you’re wasting your time.
  16. Stop seeking constant approval from others Make your own boss. You are the President and CEO of your own self. Never let anyone tell you what to do.
  17. Time matters more than money Time is very important. Whatever your age is, it’s never too late to be successful.
  18. Be a strong leader and a good listener Be the best leader you could possibly be, never let your emotions bring you down. Listen for at least 15-30 minutes to your employees. They do the job so they know how to make it better.
  19. Build your team You might be the sole owner and investor of your business but everyone needs a team. Successful companies like Microsoft, Apple, Coca-Cola, etc. have a team. What made them successful is the cooperation they have.
  20. Perfection is paralysis Don’t waste time on things you cannot change. Don’t be trapped focusing on minimizing your cost. Economical change happens, focus on your sales and marketing strategy.
  21. Never underestimate how wrong you can be Never let small problems hang for days or weeks. Resolve it within an hour or a day. Small problems can be a parasite that will destroy your business little by little.
  22. Kiss a lot of frogs Love all your problems, they make you stronger. Love all your employees, they are your number one fan and they represent you and your business. If they are well treated and paid they perform at their best.
  23. Double your effort when times are difficult Tough times don’t last, businessmen do. Every time you experience difficulty it only means you need to double your effort.
  24. Pay yourself and your employees first Respect yourself and your employees pay them first before you invest to something else. Or both of your investments will fall down.
  25. Know how to negotiate Respect the gentleman on the other side of the table. He’s not as stupid as you may believe, and you’re not as clever as you think.
  26. All ideas are worthless until put into action You miss 100% of the chance you do not take.
  27. Always investigate people before you go into business with them Do a background check, Review their credentials, business permits, legalities, etc. Your employees future rely on you.
  28. Establish a client credit having a credit line is like having a zero investment because you only pay once you’re also paid by your consumer.
  29. Don’t worry about the money focus with the deal All companies or businesses grows after some time. It doesn’t matter if you have a small deal, it will grow eventually.
  30. Success in selling is smiling and dialing Successful deals only happens with the right conversation and smiles. Practice yourself in front of the mirror every morning before having a meeting.
  31. The market decides how much your business is worth Your competition will bring you down once they are cheaper. It doesn’t matter if you are the pioneer as long as the products have the same functions. So make sure you stand out so you can declare your price.
  32. Start today! Now or Never!

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New Generation of Shopping

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Holidays are the best season for shopping. Sales, Promos, and Discounts are everywhere. The competition is heavy especially if you have a product that is very similar with other merchants You have to look for shoppers who are “mobile-driven and social media influenced“. This holiday will be the best season since 2005, with 85% of the consumers says they’ll be spending more than the amount they spent the previous years.

Small business owners need to think of multichannel to maximize their sales capabilities. 75% of internet users shop online. Online shoppers are very wise. They will check reviews, images, specifications, delivery time and lifespan of the product before they purchase an item. They will also compare products from different stores like Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. So as a retailer you have to make sure that you know the trends and pricing of your competition.

Another way to attract customers is to offer a website link to your website so you can support your product with the complete specifications, details, demo, video, and pictures. You can create your own website that should also be mobile friendly. You also need to make sure that the cash-on-delivery option is available.

Social shopping is one of the best sales and marketing tools. It opens a lot of possibilities and options. You can target specific customers and locations. With Facebook, you can target specific people by joining Facebook groups. You also need to be aware of group’s rules and regulation, though you can target specific people there are rules in some group in which selling is not allowed. So make sure that your posts will be something that will lure your audience to your website.

With Twitter, You need to make sure that you use the most effective and relevant hashtags. Twitter is very link-friendly so you can add the link of your website with all your posts. To support your posts and make it eye-catching, add the best picture of your products and of course don’t forget the most important tool, “the hashtags”.

Instagram is not link-friendly. You can’t add links to your posts because they will be useless as they are not clickable. You can add your website link to your Instagram bio. It is the only space where the link functions so make sure that your posts are very engaging and luring the audience to click your bio and the link.

There are courier companies who offer cash-on-delivery options so you can maximize your sales. Imagine how easy it is to sell online. No more hassle for adding an employee, no more store-rentals, no more utility bills, no more extra taxes, and bills.

You can relax and make money while on a vacation. Everything is a click away and next thing you know, your customer receives your items and the payments have been deposited to your account.

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